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ADHD services offered in Marietta, GA

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) disrupts all aspects of life for both  children and adults. At Advanced Psychiatry, Asif Choudhary, MD, specializes in helping people of all ages whose ADHD causes challenges at school, work, or home. After a psychiatric evaluation, Dr. Choudhary creates a personalized care plan that gives you the support you need to manage ADHD and find success in life. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Marietta, Georgia, or book online today.


ADHD is a neurological disorder caused by differences in the way the brain grows and nerve networks develop. These changes lead to three major challenges: difficulty paying attention (inattention), being overactive (hyperactivity), and acting without thinking (impulsivity).

Though inattention and hyperactivity occasionally affect all children (and adults), people with ADHD face these problems on a daily basis. They have such severe ADHD challenges that the disorder limits their ability to make friends and affects their success at school and work.

ADHD is typically identified around the age of six, but some people do not receive a diagnosis until they are teenagers or adults. One-third of children continue to deal with ADHD challenges throughout their adult life.

What symptoms does ADHD cause?

Children and adults with ADHD have one of three types. You may be predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive-impulsive, or have symptoms of both (combined ADHD).

The symptoms of inattentive ADHD include:

  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Being easily distracted
  • Making reckless mistakes
  • Being disorganized
  • Not following directions
  • Starting but not finishing tasks
  • Forgetting to do chores or assignments

Many children and adults with ADHD avoid or put off tasks that demand concentration.

The symptoms of hyperactive-impulsive ADHD include:

  • Being unable to sit still
  • Fidgeting or being constantly active
  • Talking too much
  • Interrupting others
  • Not waiting to take turns
  • Making sudden decisions
  • Leaving your seat during a lesson or meeting

Children and adults who struggle to control their behaviors and impulses often struggle with managing anger, frustration, and stress. As a result, they have unexpected emotional flare-ups.

How is ADHD treated?

Dr. Choudhary talks with parents and children (when age-appropriate) and may ask parents and teachers to complete a behavioral questionnaire.

ADHD treatment may include medications and/or therapy. Stimulant medications improve thinking and attention by boosting levels of brain chemicals. However, some non-stimulant medications can also improve attention, concentration, and impulsivity.

Therapy helps children and adults learn to manage their unique challenges. For example, people with ADHD often need help with social and organizational skills, managing anger, and learning to think before acting.

Dr. Choudhary also works with parents, teaching them how to support their child with ADHD at home. Parents may need help managing family stress that arises when one family member has behavioral challenges.

To get help for ADHD, call Advanced Psychiatry or book an appointment online today.