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About Advanced Psychiatry

Advanced Psychiatry in Marietta, Georgia, provides highly personalized mental health care to children, teens, and adults. Asif Choudhary, MD, and the licensed therapists at Advanced Psychiatry treat each person with compassion and respect, working as a team to help patients overcome their challenges and move forward into a better life.

People seek help from Advanced Psychiatry for many reasons. Some need help navigating stress, trauma, and life transitions, while others struggle with developmental disabilities or mental health disorders. Dr. Choudhary offers comprehensive care, including psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and many types of therapy.

Advanced Psychiatry also offers Cambridge Brain Sciences cognitive assessments, obtaining information about attention, concentration, brain processing speed, memory, and other brain functions. The practice’s mental health specialists use this information for diagnostic purposes, to guide treatment decisions, and track how the brain responds to treatment.

In addition to helping children and adults with ADHD, Dr. Choudhary often treats people with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). He also specializes in helping people with complex and serious psychiatric conditions, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Anyone who feels overwhelmed by challenges or needs help coping with mental health disorders will find the help they need at Advanced Psychiatry. To schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today.

Our Mission
 Advanced Psychiatry's mission is to provide highly personalized and superior care on an as-needed or preventative basis. Dr. Choudhary provides innovative and compassionate treatment for patients suffering from a myriad of psychiatric disorders, helping patients improve their quality of life despite the illnesses and circumstances that have previously limited them. We offer comprehensive outpatient psychiatric care for all ages by thorough diagnostic investigations to find answers and individualize treatment.
"I reccomend Doctor Choudhary strongly and give him the highest of marks. You may have experienced some of the same difficulties that i have had while trying to find a Psychiatrist in the past, which is why i am so happy to have found Doctor Choudhary. I have been his patient for over a year now and have not had a single problem or even a hiccup. O also need to add that Ericka who manages his office is also excellent. Always pleasent, helpful and efficient. When i call for a refill on my medicines, she sends them to my pharmacy right away and even texts me with a discount card that may be helpful at a lower cost on my medicines than my insurance offers. I could go on and on but i think the review i have left should tell you enough to kbow this doctor is a 👍 thumbs up.😎"

Stone Alan
"Dr. Choudhary has a deft hand at working with many types of young personalities. We have seen results, renewed positive energy and healing strength come from our time with him. He is unique and he is on point, no wasted time or words. A clear professional who cares."

"Dr. Choudhary is the best of the best. This doctor legitimately listens to you. We've been having issues with sleep issues for years and he fixed it in one appointment."

Megan Armstrong
"This place is amazing, the office is very clean and nice, you will have the best attention in making appointments right away and more over, Dr. Choudhary is very professional, patient, respectful and tries to understand your situation. I am very happy I found him."

Rosalba Coeto
"Dr. Choudhary has been such a blessing to our family. He has listened to our child and helped us tremendously. We are finally getting our son back."

Sarah Trey
"This practice has helped me through so much. Very kind, supportive and flexible staff. Dr. Chaudhary is amazing!"

Courtney Wilson
"Dr. Choudhary is a amazing doctor. He listens to all your concerns has amazing advice . If your looking for a new psychiatrist look no further trust me I've had my bad share of them and its hard to find a good one."

Rosalba Coeto
"Dr. Choudhary is the best of the best. He knows exactly how to approach sensitive subjects and to calm his patient. I highly recommend him."

Sue S.



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